What is a Charcuterie Board?!

What is a charcuterie board?

A charcuterie board is an assortment of meats, cheeses, artisan breads, olives, fruit, and nuts, all artfully arranged on a serving board.

What is the difference between a charcuterie board and a cheese board?

The main difference is that a charcuterie board has a selection of meats and foods that pair well with those meats. A cheese board has a selection of cheeses and foods that pair well with those cheeses. ... Salty and briny food also go very well on a cheese board. Charcuterie boards pair well with bread and crackers.


How to Build a Charcuterie Board

To make a charcuterie board, arrange things so they are easy to grab – fan out the slices of cheese, cut grapes into small segments.

  1. Cheeses. Arrange them around the board. Pre-slice hard cheeses and cut a few wedges into the brie.

  2. Meats. Fold them in a variety of patterns. 

  3. Pickled Items. Add items that require a dish so you can gauge your space.

  4. Condiments and Spreads. Place condiments near cheeses that pair well. (i.e. honey next to brie). Keep condiments in jars and ramekins.

  5. Fresh Fruit. Cut grapes into small portions and pre-slice apples, rinse, and pat dry berries. Arrange fruit with cheeses they pair well with.

  6. Nuts and Extras. Place pecans or walnuts and pistachios next to brie or soft cheeses. Also add chocolate squares.

  7. Arrange crackers and toasts in remaining spaces or serve them in a separate platter.

More importantly, HAVE FUN! You can really do whatever you want. Check out different types of boards you can create here.