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About Jill Feron

I am an abstract artist based out of my home studio in Hamilton, Massachusetts-a small town about 30 miles north of Boston. I live with my husband, three wonderful sons and two doggos, Monty and Stella.


For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to creativity. As a young lass I enjoyed drawing the most, but was up for just about any type of crafting, creating, or building.


I practiced art through high school and college and majored in art history. Following college, I took a job in NYC in the production department at a publishing house. It was here that I became drawn to graphic design. After a few courses and practice, I landed my first job as a junior graphic designer. I worked in graphic design for many years-mainly at publishing houses- and then on my own as a freelance graphic designer under the name Feron Design.


Then kids! Three of them.  And my creativity changed to include materials such as glue, pasta, glitter, play-doh. All fun and all good. I fulfilled my creative outlet through home projects and a few art and craft classes here and there.


Once my boys were grown and some of my time freed up, I started drawing and painting with oils. For a while I sold pet portraits from my small Etsy shop and through word of mouth. I continued this for several years and then started to loose my spark. It wasn’t that I didn’t like what I was doing, I just wanted to have a bit MORE freedom to be creative in different ways. I dove into online classes  and from this exploration I started to explore abstract art and this opened up a whole new world. 

It all comes down to this-I have to create to be truly happy and full. When I do this, I'm at my best and I love to share this with you.

Art makes life interesting. 

My goal is to bring this happiness and interest into your life. Thanks for visiting my website. 


FUN Stuff About Me​

FAVORITE COLOR:  All of them...alright, blue.

SECRET TALENT: I can do small electrical projects like install lights, outlets, and switches. 


WHAT INSPIRES ME THE MOST: Color, nature and travel

PERFECT DAY: Early morning coffee outside, a bit of art, a walk in the woods with the dogs, good food and a movie with my family


MY FAVORITE MADE-UP WORD: "chungus" in our family it refers to our dog. (Look it up.)

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