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theBlue Collection

The Blue Collection was inspired by several things. First and most simple, I love the color blue. Blue to me means beauty, calm, adventure, nature. I think of oceans, lakes, the big sky, Caribbean vacations, gemstones—I could go on and on. However, I would say that being around the water all my life has probably had the biggest impact when it comes to color in my life. Summers by the lake and days by the ocean, I can’t help but to have blue on my mind. I am mesmerized by the way water churns and reflects sunlight. On a sunny day, a sandy lake/ocean floor gives rise to a beautiful turquoise color water. A clear blue sky paints the water with a cerulean blue, while a stormy, cloudy sky creates a steely-blue water. 

I hope my paintings bring calm to your life, intrigue you and evoke personal memories for you too.

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