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I usually ship paintings within 7 business days (Monday-Friday). You will receive a shipping confirmation from me to the email address you use at checkout upon package being shipped.


A note about signing and hanging artwork.

Because these paintings can be viewed and interpreted differently by everyone, I sign the back of the painting-that way you get to decide which way is up. For hanging, most canvases have enough of an edge that you can set them right on your nail or hanging device. If not, I will provide a means for you to hang your artwork.

Big Blue - a 16x20 acrylic painting

  • -

    The churning of sand and water when waves crash over the beach create beautiful color combinations. This unique painting has some texture to it.

  • -

    Original fluid acrylic painting by Jill Feron.

    - 16 x 20 x 1/2  inches
    - Gallery wrapped canvas
    - Painted edges
    - Semi-gloss varnish
    - This painting is sold unframed. I am happy to provide online options for where to find a similar frame to what is shown here.


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